16 Ways To Ask Children What They Did At School

Often when we ask our children what they did in school today, they reply “Nothing” or “I can’t remember”
Here are 16 other ways we can ask our children about their day!

1.     What did you read about today?
2.     Tell me something that day.
3.     Tell me an interesting word to hear today.
4.     What do you think you should learn more in school?
5.     What was your favorite time in school today?
6.     What did you learn in Music class or Technology?
7.     Who in your class do you think you could invite to play?
8.     Tell me something good that happened today?
9.     Tell me one thing that you learned today?
10. What did you read about today?
11. How did you help someone today?
12. What was Fun or interesting today?
13. What was your favorite time of show and tell today?
14. If I call your teacher tonight what would he or she tell me about you?
15. If you were asked to have someone come for a sleep over, whom will that be? Why?
16.  What did you learn at school to day?