18 Safety Tips For a Hazard-Free Christmas

Friends and family get together, to relax, and catch up with its things that have happened in their lives, have fun, merry and enjoy each other company during holiday time. One interesting part of the holiday is the decoration aspect.
Lot people do these decorations depending on what is been celebrated.
There are potential hazards during this period due to the following reason: there may be more people crowded in the house, children may sometimes be giving less attention, because of visitors, and the use of adult drink is sometimes increased. Accident can happen a result of all these but with a little precaution, we will have an injury free celebration

Here are some safety tips to an injury free Christmas
1.     Since Christmas tree could be a fire hazard, they should be kept in the storage preferably outside until ready to use
2.     Make sure you purchase a Fire –resistance Christmas tree when purchasing an artificial tree. This is written always in the label.
3.     If you decide in buying live Christmas tree, check and be sure it is fresh and don’t forget to keep the stand filled with water always
4.     Keep a no smoking area around the Christmas tree and do not allow candle close to it.
5.     Use lightings that have been tested to be safe by a certified lab
6.     Check to make sure all Christmas lightening is in good condition. Do not use lights with frayed cords or loose connections
7.     While trimming the tree wear gloves to avoid any kind of irritation.
8.     Use fire resistant objects when trimming the tree. For example, artificial icicles of plastics, non-lead metals.
9.     Ornament should be placed at the top of the tree so that children won’t reach it.
10. Give cooking in the kitchen 100% attention to avoid any accident. Do not put anything at the edge of any counter .Children can sometimes be curious and pull things out of curiosity.
11. Avoid decorations that are sharp or breakable.
12. Any shed from the trees should be picked up immediately to avoid children from swallowing it.
13. Do not use electric lights on a metallic tree to avoid electrocution.
14. Protect the light from wind damage by putting it on house walls, trees, or other types of support that are certified safe.
15. Avoid potential shock by plugging all outdoor electric decoration into circuits with ground fault circuit interrupter.
16. Dispose of leftover food appropriately immediately
17.  Dispose of wrapping papers and ribbons they could pose as a potential hazard (e.g chocking)
               18 Be 100% in charge of your judgment by reducing alcohol intake.