5 Things to do with your child’s Report Card

Here are five things to do when your child’s report card comes home.

1.  Take it seriously. A report card cannot tell you everything about how your child is doing .But your child’s teacher spends a lot of time making sure that the report card shows you a snapshot of where your child is now. Take time
to read it carefully .Talk about it with your child.
2.     Find something to praise. Even if your child did not do as well as you had hoped, look for something positive .Be sure to read the comment about your child’s behavior  and wok habits. If your child’s grades were not what you had expected talk about what you and your child can do to improve their grade.

3.     Help your child develop good work habit. A child who sets aside time every day to read will learn to read better. A Child who practices maths every day will master maths facts.

4.     Let your child know what you expect. Say things like, it’s okay if you’re not best in the class. But I do expect you to do your best. Remind them that effort is as important as ability.

5.     Look at your child’s work as you only see report cards few times a year. But you can look at the work your child is doing every day .There is a link between how hard students work and how much they learn. Point that out to your child
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