8 Simple Ways To Practice Mental Fitness

Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness, especially as you age. Practicing mental fitness helps you stay in track of all aspect of your lives life: physically, socially, spiritually, economic and mentally.
It is good to always assess your mental fitness and our emotional wellbeing regularly. Learn to give yourself a break from all your concerns and dedicate little time every day to your mental fitness.

Here are some ways to practice mental fitness:
Have a hobby- Look for something you love to do and engage yourself this will help your brain to be active and stress-free.
Indulge in activities - They strengthen your mind and improve your memory. Play with brain teasers, puzzles, and board games. learning new crafts or games, and reading books you normally would not read.
Volunteer- I did love to call this a give and take activity. Helping others makes you feels good about yourself, helps you socialize and provides a new learning experience which brings balance in one’s life.
Care for yourself well – Practice healthy habits such as exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, focus on the self-care and relaxation that nurtures your body and your soul. See a movie, call a friend or relative you haven’t spoken to in a while, have a bubble bath, sit on park bench and smell the flowers. Whatever it is, do it for just you.  
Setting personal goal- Setting a goal must not be ambitious. You may just want to make sure you walk three blocks from your home every day, or even to learn to cook a different meal. Make sure to write your goals down, give yourself time and telling other about your goal increases your chances to succeed.
Be positive - Talking to yourself in a positive way, involves strengthening neural pathways to bring your self-confidence, well-being, and satisfaction to a higher level. Remind yourself that you don’t have to be perfect. Set goals for what you want to improve and start small to avoid becoming overwhelmed.
Schedule a mental fitness break into your calendar right next to your workout schedule. Your mind and your health are worth it.

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