Making Childhood Memories

My childhood memories were not planned. They were memories which occurred from normal daily activities between me, my siblings, parents, and friends. Memories never fade so it is a good thing if one creates time for it.

Reminisce of the time you were alone with your best friend. Am sure the time was worth it’s what better way to show you love your kids than to give them your time.
You don't really need to save or work 24 hours to save up money to go on vacation just to make memories. The kids really care about the little thing like:

Ø  Take them to the beach. Don’t forget to go with their toy bucket, shovel and let them play with the sand.
Ø  Take them to a farm.

Ø  Have your child's picture taken while posing with him /her favorite toy.
  Ø  Take family pictures

Ø  Take a dog with them to a park. Please don't forget to go with a Frisbee or balls so that the dog will have some fun.
Ø  Make them a bubble and take them to the park so they can blow the bubble.

Ø  Take them to a stream and have let them feed the duck.
Ø  Allow them to play in the puddle. Don’t forget to wear them a rain boot.

Ø  Let your kid teach you something
Ø  Organizing a movie night for them at home .Make sure they have their pop -corns to eat while they watch. Join then on the couch while they watch
Ø  Be spontaneous. Just do something you have not done before, like taking a walk say a bug walk (search for bugs as you take a walk), visit an old house
What do you think about creating memories? Leave a comment below and thanks for visiting my blog.
Lots of Love,

Maky Churchill.