4 Most Effective Self-Defence Tactics

There are a lot of problem in most communities that have given rise to different kinds of crime.
The crime rate is on the rise and it is important we take action. As parents and adults, it is a good Idea to educate ourselves and children about the current happenings in our communities and also teach them how to practice self-defence just in case.
There are increase crimes like assault, domestic violence, rape, and most times, victims are too embarrassed to speak out due to fear, shock, and other reasons. Because violence is a fact of life, it is so important to know these tricks.Here’s how to prepare for and stay safe in common real-world violent situations.
Prevention Is the Best Self-Defense
First, prevention is the best self-defense. Attackers are always looking for unaware venerable targets. So it is very important to be aware of your surroundings, only walking and parking in areas you are used to, always scan your back and sides while you are walking every 5 minutes, have your keys handy as you approach your door or car, learn to use different routes  always, and other personal security precautions.
Besides avoiding confrontations learn to calm any situation down or get away –giving the attacker what he or she wants by handing over whatever you have at that moment to your attacker. Life is more important than anything. But if the attack seems unavoidable then is time to practice some self-defense techniques that can help you get away.
Scream and Push Back
As soon you feel that escape isn’t possible, shout loudly (“BACK OFF!”) and push back at him or her.This does two things: it signals for help and it lets the attacker know that you may not be an easy prey. Attract as much attention as you can be loud and if you have a whistle, use it.
Hit the Most damage effective part of the body
In most cases, if you are confronted by an attacker, you have few seconds to act. So before an attacker gets full hold of you, you must do everything you can, reserve as much energy as possible to inflict injury so you can get away. So, aim for the part of the attacker’s body was most damages are normally effective: eye, nose, mouth, ear, groin, chest, knee and the leg.
Halt the process
if it is a case of rape attempt, tell your attacker you have STD’s or AIDS. The longer you delay the better your chances. Don’t show any fear, stay calm as long as you can.
In addition to the above measures, get used to being aware of your surroundings; be careful when you see strangers asking for direction, be at alert of sudden crowds around you. Most importantly trust your instinct-if your gut tells you something is wrong don’t be afraid to react.
And lastly get used to always carrying some sort of personal defense device-a a siren, whistle, anything that will help you MAKE NOISE and FIGHT BACK!
Which other ways can one ward off attackers? Let me know in the comment below