21 Perfect Gifts For a Single Mother

It’s that time of the year again when we are expecting beautiful gifts from our loved ones. There is a lot of gift idea out there for example jewelry’s, hats, scarf, perfumes, just to mention a few.
Most times, People will imagine that an expensive gift will really make a single mom happy. For the most part, this is not the case. Seriously, what are the perfect gifts for single moms?  Many times it is simple as just taking some of the stress and pressure off her. Here are some awesome gift ideas that will make a single mom smile with a heart full of gratefulness.
  1. Offer to watch her kids for a day or a weekend so she can have the special mom  time.
  2. Buy her a car wash gift card  that will cover her car detailing or offer to vacuum her car                                                              
  3. Take her for a massage when the kids are with her ex or pay a babysitter to watch her kids while she goes to get a massage.
  4. Give her a babysitting coupon for a few Saturday nights
  5. Instead of buying an expensive gift why not give her a pre-paid visa/Master  card  instead
  6. Hire someone to help her do some mom chores for a couple of hours  
  7. Pay her electric bill for a month or two
  8. Take her to get her nails and hair done.Remember the bill is on you!
  9. Get her a magazine subscription for at least a year if you are sure the kind of magazine she loves like is one found here or  here
  10. Buy her Amazon gift certificate you can get some here if you like.
  11. Offer to mow her lawn, rake the leaves, shovel the snow or change the oil in her car.
  12. Send her home-made cookies or invite her for a dinner. Whichever works
  13. Buy her a nice pajamas and slippers.You can find beautiful ones here or here .
  14. A gift card to get family pictures taken also works well for a mom who doesn't get to spend a ton of time cherishing memories.
  15. Williams Sonoma's Food Made Fast series of cookbooks is full of excellent recipes that are both healthy and quick enough to be feasible for a single mother.Check them out here and here .
  16. Bring over a week's worth of pre-packaged freezer meals. Or, if she does not have a crock pot buys her one, and pair it with pre-prepped freezer crockpot meals. If she has a deep freeze, buy her a meat order.Great deal right now on crock pots here and here.
  17. Arrange for some house cleaning for after the holidays, buy her three hours’ worth and let her schedule it.
  18. If she hardly gets out of the house, find a babysitter she can trust, and then take her out for a nice meal and girl talk. As a rule, always offer to get her out of the house when her  ex-has the kids.                                                                                         
  19. Find vouchers for the local city-run gym for public swimming. It can be a great outing for her, the kids, and doesn't dent the budget.
  20. Moms generally are so selfless they will love it if you buy their kids gifts. Check out great gift for kids here and here
  21. Every mom loves her house to be clean at all time.Buying her a Vacuum would be a great Idea.Check out great deals on Vacuum here and here.

 What else am I missing on this list? Ha just let me know in the comment box below. Thank you.

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