How I lost 58kg In Three Months

Getting started on a weight loss Journey could be so challenging, but I am going to share with you some great tips that have helped me in my weight loss journey.
·        Before you start your weight loss journey say 2-4 weeks before you start you need to start reducing the portion of food you eat on a daily basis but don’t be too hard on yourself. If you are not the type that eats healthy food, it’s time to start.
·        You need to get prepared. Buy yourself a bathroom scale, running shoes and some running wears as well.

 ·        Set a goal for yourself but be sure it’s a realistic one. Don’t expect to lose 30kg in one week. That is very unrealistic! You need to be practical.
·        Look for a program that will suit you and your schedule. This is supposed to be a fun journey so if you are a busy person, then you need something that will be flexible. Please don’t go for any program that will give you false hope.
·        When choosing a program, be very smart. Make sure that the exercise you will be doing will work on every part of your body. The reason is this when you develop muscles; you can burn more calories and then lessen the fat in your body.Multi-joint exercise it said to be effective and save time.
·        Be consistent with your workout schedules and consider getting a daily log. This is my second weight loss journey and I must say that the first one I did, I had my daily logs filled out on daily basis.I wrote down what I ate on daily basis, the distance I walked and the kind of exercised I did. This really helped me to determine what really worked for my body and the kind of food my body need to maintain a certain weight., To be honest, this was a great motivation for me. It served as a proof of been on track and off track.

·        Don’t be picky with the kind of exercise you want to do except of course is for health reasons. So try and follow through with your instructor. 
·        One last thing you may cheat! But remember that you can do anything you set your mind to do. So when you cheat just don’t keep regretting but just keep going.

In my first weight loss journey, I lost 58kg in three months. I went down from 125kg to 67kg. I incorporated dancing, treadmill workout, high-intensity interval training, and healthy eating to achieve my result.The only drink I normally take as a treat was flavored tonic water because I noticed it did not add to my weight but this treat I gave myself only when I reached or surpassed my weekly goals. Every other thing  I did I have written above. 
Am starting another weight loss journey this time after having 4 kids.My buddies on this journey will be and .

Right now this program fit into my schedule and its flexible for me and I can do my thing from the comfort of my home. With, I would be able to learn healthy recipes that I need to be on track.
Have you ever been successful in a weight loss journey? What did you do achieve your results? How many kg or lbs did you loss? Let me know in the comment box below.
Thanks for reading as always.

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